About Us

Top King Boxing was founded in 2008 by Thai national Narit Wongprasertkan. The iconic brand stands as a testament to a family dynasty deeply rooted in the world of Muay Thai equipment manufacturing. Mr. Wongprasertkan's lineage traces back to his father's company, Windy, established in 1950, which paved the way for the premium iconic brand, Top King Boxing, renowned for its unparalleled quality.

Situated in the heart of Muay Thai culture, Bangkok, Thailand, Top King Boxing embodies the authenticity and tradition of the sport. Its equipment, including gloves, shin guards, and training gear, is celebrated both in Thailand and across the globe for its premium craftsmanship and durability.

Mr. Narit Wongprasertkan's contributions extend beyond equipment manufacturing. He is the mastermind behind televised fight promotions such as Max Muay Thai, MX Muay Xtreme, and Top King World Series. These events have showcased internationally recognized Muay Thai fighters like One Championship star Rodtang Jitmuangnon and K1 superstar Buakaw Banchamek.

With a background in Graphic Design, Mr. Wongprasertkan's creative vision has shaped the prestigious and innovative styles of Muay Thai equipment synonymous with Top King Boxing.

Now, Top King Boxing Thailand is poised to make its mark in the USA with the introduction of Top King USA, bringing its high-quality fight gear and reviving the Top King-created Professional Muay Thai promotions of Top King World Series and MX Muay Xtreme to North America.

This authentic Thai-owned Muay Thai brand is revered among professional UFC fighters, boxers, and of course the Muay Thai community alike. Top King USA will be expanding into the MMA and boxing scene, to continue its legacy of  embodying the fighting spirit with its commitment to the combat sports world.